Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

Glowing Power Giving Us 100 % free Power, Day And Night

There are a number of methods for acquiring free energy from types of all around us. One of the popular techniques is the transformation of your from radiation to power power. Glowing energy is ever existing in our environment. They include solar radiation from the sun, as well as cosmic radiation from the celebrities. 100 % free energy devices utilize this energy to generate power for your house.

The idea of transforming radiant energy to free energy goes back to the days of the famous researcher, Nicola Nikola tesla. In fact, Nikola tesla had a particular interest in the process of using cosmic radiation to generate free energy. One of advantages of cosmic radiation is that they are existing in the weather all the time. Thus there would be no need to store the electrical powered power, as in the case of using wind, or tides, or even solar panel technology. Nikola tesla went a long way in his research, and developed a system to generate power from radiant energy. However, lobbying and surprise techniques by power companies and bankers avoided Tesla's development from getting the popularity and advertising it well deserved.

You can set up a simple system in your house that would serve as evidence of idea that power could be produced from radiation in the weather. You would require an metal dish that is clean and refined. The dish must be well protected and protected several times with efficiency. The larger the dish, the more effective your results will be; but a little dish is enough for the purpose of display. The dish must be set up as high as possible, as the higher the dish, the greater the outcome.

A cable linked with the metal dish would carry power produced by the product. A full trend rectifier and a capacitor could be used to fix and control the outcome existing. The current and concentration of existing relies on the size of the metal dish and the size of set up of the plate; but even a little current and existing is enough to show the evidence of idea.

This research should illustrate to you the working concepts of free energy systems that focus on transforming radiant energy to power power. Once you set up possible energy equipment, you could be confident that you would meet all the power specifications of your house, without any monthly expenses.